Decompression Session Contest Page

So, here's the deal. Between now and the end of the year we will (meaning George) monitor all of the top websites for reviews. We're looking for the most creative, least "telling" (NO spoilers) reactions to this phenomenal story.
We will choose the "Top 10" and incorporate them into our website. Then we will both schedule a series of "Decompression Sessions" on Skype with those who we've chosen, so they can express their emotions and ask any questions they desire. Download it! Or order a copy NOW, delve in if you dare, then let us know when you're done and have posted a review. We'll take it from there. Step into the quicksand of time. You will be changed when you come up for air.
As a bonus, George will choose a "Top 5" from THAT group who will get to watch his creative concept in video of his vision of what the opening credits would look like if "In A Flicker" becomes a motion picture!
 - Andrea Perron