This novel takes the reader on a journey of personal discovery and questioning. It has within its pages a haunting story that intrigues and seduces the reader then flips the emotions until you question everything you think you know. I was so enthralled I couldnt put it down. I read it cover to cover in 24 hrs and I will devour it again and again. Bravo to the writers in creating a paradigm on paper, or is it real? WOW
Colette Fletcher  
I stepped into the pages of this book slowly as I wanted to savor every moment that was about to unfold, as I read the words on the pages it made me feel as though I was actually there witnessing it, the sounds, the place, the smells and the people. When I read a book I try to figure out where the story is taking me and this novel was no different and when I thought I knew I was immediately taken on a different path that one can’t imagine. This novel is a brilliant read and will make you open your mind and make you rethink many things from the past and the possibilities for the future. The authors of “In A Flicker” have created a story to be told and one that will never leave your soul.
Tracy A Sparks
After the very first paragraph you are absolutely certain you're about to embark on a very amazing journey. Your mind instantly fills with questions with what the authors are attempting to convey to you, and they do with constant attacks to your senses. I have never, ever read a novel where I became a character in the story. I watched events unfolding from behind the shadows, sitting in a corner of a coffee shop listening to conversations, and watching something take place that soared my adrenaline to the point of having to close my laptop cover and step away for several minutes. Indeed, there is a Boogeyman!
Paul Laliberte

I was incredibly captivated by 'In a Flicker', from the first page to the last. This story draws you in and both haunts and thrills you all at the same time. The exquisite details transport the reader into such a textured reality it's almost jarring at times. I found myself reeling, like the air had been sucked right out of me and I had to remind myself to breathe. This book is a must read and will leave you wanting more.
Marnie  Naples

In a Flicker will take the reader on a mind altering journey they wont soon forget, and will want to revisit time and time again. The events that unfold leaves you with so many mixed emotions, and all the while expanding your mind in ways you never thought possible Congratulations George and Andrea on a magnificent work of art!.
Evonne Marie



George and Andrea have subtly combined fact and fiction with science fact and fiction to bring a story of devotion of ideals to the desperation of realities.

What follows is a fall down the 'rabbit hole' and into a world of wonderment, horror and terror. Of the inner being ripped asunder through emotions intimate, horrific and traumatic. And through it all, the drive and stamina to finally escape up and out the rabbit hole at the end.

Well done George, well done Andrea! Found it hard to put down and walk away from.

Ed Hilbert

This is by far the best read (wild ride) I have ever had. The twists and turns, suspense of it...Every page brings you further and further in until you cannot escape, you must keep reading and holding on to your hat. Bravo!!
Diane Hilbert
I have had the amazing adventure of delving into "In a Flicker', and I am nothing less than amazed at the intricate design, and sheer brilliance of this literary gem. The story takes you deep into the heart of the past, and the heart of the characters, begging the anticipations and expectations to be revealed. The consequences of reading, Flicker, are quite exhilarating, and offer a cosmic alignment unlike any other. The plethora of notions, emotions, and ups and downs, to this novel, are extraordinary. Flicker is an absolute paradox in numerous ways, and it's with sincere encouragement, that I recommend this. I promise you won't be disappointed, but rather engaged, as the writers have meticulously detailed each part, capturing and envisioning the settings. This is a book that will keep you up at night, whether reading it, or thinking about it and analyzing it. Take the jump, and get your copy of 'In a Flicker', you'll be thankful you did!
Diane Simmons
I just finished Flicker and I have to say that you two are freakn’ out of control. I am blown away by this book. What a ride. I could swear that I was in London right there taking in all the sights and sounds... All my senses became stimulated touching me to the bone. I felt myself cringing, sad, a tad embarrassed and totally engrossed in what I was experiencing. The world continued to spin out of control around me, but I didn’t care. My time off the grid was a welcome respite from the politics, war and the general mayhem of the day. I continued reading knowing that it would still be there when I returned from the time travel I was absorbed in anticipating what lie ahead. It was like heroin I wanted more, I needed more. Completing my last page turn I couldn’t stop thinking about where I had just been and the characters I encountered along the way. The best read I’ve enjoyed in a very long time. I am filled with pride for you and I wish you much success and blessings. My friendship with you is the best adventure ever, this was the icing on the cake. Kudos, kudos, kudos.
Steve Morris



Wonderful read! Hope they make a movie out of this book!

Bonnie Stieben